The Fishing and Export Company ÖGURVÍK Ltd., specialises in fishing & seafood products.

ÖGURVÍK was founded in 1971. In the beginning it was solely a fishing company owning two trawlers.

These trawlers were: ÖGRI and VIGRI, which were quite well known in the Icelandic fishing fleet.

In the year 1985 there was a major change in the organisation of our company. ÖGURVÍK bought a new factory trawler, FRERI, which increased the value, catch and quality of all our products

Again, 1992 Ögurvík bought another factory trawler, VIGRI, which is now the most modern and one of the largest factory trawlers in the Icelandic fleet.

The same year ÖGURVÍK opened a new sales & export office. This enables us to be in total control of all our products. We also handle the sales & export of products from many other Icelandic companies in the seafood business.

We are also cooperating with foreign seafood and fishing companies, marketing their products.

For many years ÖGURVÍK has also been manufacturing trawldoors for fishing vessels of all sizes.

Now ÖGURVÍK is among the biggest export/import companies in Iceland. Our main seafood products are: Cod, Haddock, Saithe, Redfish/Ocean perch, Ling, Catfish, Greenland Halibut, Plaice, Herring, Capelin, Prawns and various other species.

We also offers some ready-to-eat, preservatives and canned products.

Ögurvík's main countries of business are: Great Britain, Germany, Danmark, Finland, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Israel, U.S.A., Japan, Taiwan and Korea.